happy raksha bandhan 2017

Raksha Bandhan Festival 

raksha bandhan 2017
raksha bandhan 2017

Raksha Bandhan A traditional festival celebrated in India which illustrates the bond between brother and sister relationship. This is the only one festival celebrating for the representation of sister and brothers to make their love to show up. May this is a part of relationships, but having more important and love effection towards each other than with the conversion made in other relations. This relationship will starts from the beginning of their lives and combinely spending their life with colour joy and happiness. Along with India few countries also celebrating the festival like Nepal and the day has been fully dedicated to the relation of brother and sisters. This is the synonym for Hindu tradition and regional festival path for other state people.

Tradition may changes, technology may changes, place may changes, region may changes, but the relationship never changes the standard called true love between brother and sister. Make the celebration of Raksha Bandhan with your brother and sister list the day in memorable one. Celebrations of Raksha Bandhan will starts by tieing up Rakhi band to brother hand and brother will gift something for her sister. On the day of this festival, home will decorated with flowers and home get full filled with joy and delighted faces. This comes in to religious, cultural festival in the occasion of Hindu celebrations.

More About Raksha Bandhan Festival

happy raksha bandhan 2017
happy raksha bandhan 2017

Brother and sister gets together and will protect the brother by tieing their bands with love and pray towards god for good. Usually this festival will come in the month of August and the day will be pournima in shravan. Rakhi on wrist shows the mark of celebration of Raksha Bandhan in their houses. Where ever may be the place and whatever may be the location distance, they will definitely met and celebrate the festival together. Raksha Bandhan celebrations for protecting bond tied for brother by his sister. There is no other festivals for celebrating the relationship by showing the love and effection towards each other.

Always sister will pray to god to give wealth, health and happiness for her brother. At the time of celebrations, brother will make a promise for her sister that he will be beside of her till the end of their lives as a protecting layer. As first, this festival has been started at west and north regions across India. Hindus, Sikh and other religions common festival that is only Rakhi. In Sikhs tradition, this festival is more important of all and the name of this has been given as Rakhari or Rakhardi.

Now comes to the history of name given for this festival, This is Sanskrit word which means bond of protection As the days are arrived for the festival, women needs to shop and spent more time on buying Rakhi and they feel like the Rakhi will be good and attractive looking for her brother. On the days of festival usual markets filled with customers and sellers on roads. Most of the families in India and Nepal used to celebrate at their home towns.

Initially, the day has been started with Pooja for lord and decorating aarti plate with Rakhi and kumkum. Brothers and Sisters love symbolic is Rakhi, and whatever may be the status of person, The relationship of brother and sister are pure and lovable. Before huge couple of weeks, celebrations and buying section will starts. In case of living in various states, sisters will by Rakhi’s and send through posts before few days of the festival to reach the bond on the day of celebrations.

Then return brother will sent the gift pack to his sisters through the post. Distance by not be the disturbance for the relationship celebration of sister and brother. Rakhi is token of love, significant of love, representation of love. Brother can be treated as friend, father, there is no one better friend find than a sister and brother. So celebrate the festival with delightful colours and bands. Rakhi described as Reaffirming love and affection,  A prayer for long time success, Keeping the memories strong and alive, Happiness and laughter, Immersable share of love. The collection of all these needs come together at single relationship that is named as brother and sister. This is the bond between two souls, remembers the joy and the special tie for sharing happiness.

Lucky to have a brother and sister relation in every one’s life and this is gift of god for human being. Two souls with one bond, Two hearts with one reflection called the relation of Brother sister. On the day of festival, Brothers and sisters will wear new dresses; will goes to temple, pray for god, doing puja at their homes in morning session. The geographical status of them is varied but the relation of those will be live at one place and that is comes to woke up sat the time of their relationship celebrations. Brother and sister will make them to eat sweets each other at the time of tieing the bands for brothers.

The only desire of sister about her brother will be to be alive for 100 years with wealth and health. Siblings also used to celebrates the day by tieing the Rakhi to her near related brother. Sisters used to prepare some sweets at home specially for their brothers with love and gravity. This is the special occasion which is a chance for everyone to show their love towards their sister and brother by gifting something which will make the person to feel happy. Sister and brothers love forever.

Bond dimishes forever, friend with caring, ties with deep bond, affection of relationship, survives the love in their hearts, primary love part of their life from childhood, Growth with love independence, Happy Raksha Bandhan to all and make the celebrations sparkle and delightful. Make the relation strong and passive and grown up more years for your love. Wishing every one good days and hope the celebrations will comes with rainbow colours. Celebrations may make the sisters feel smile and reflects on their brother faces as a true love and relationship.